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RazorS Edge Pitbull

Florida Bully Connect is very proud to say that we have here the direct son of the famous Remy Martin, who started the Remy Bloodline. Vlado is a wonderful dog, displaying many of the wonderful characteristics his father had, and he is a wonderful dog for breeding. Vlado was born in 2007 and is at a great stage in his life for breeding and we have a stud fee for Vlado of $1000 for registered females. He has already fathered many litters which have provided us with some great dogs and we are sure that history will certainly repeat itself in this respect. Thanks to his presence here at Florida Bully Connect, we are able to produce Pitbull puppies for sale with the Razors Egde bloodline with great regularity. Razors Edge Puppies tend to be very strong and striking, and to see one in the flesh is a magnificent thing in itself. It is almost as if they are aware of their special heritage in the way that they walk and display themselves. Of course, all of our Pitbull puppies for sale are from great bloodlines and you can rely on our produced Pitbull puppies to have fabulous ancestry. We also have dogs with the well known Gottiline bloodline, which has produced many fine dogs over the years which have gone on to win shows all over America.


*The following dogs are not OWNED by Florida Bully Connect. These are examples of Razors Edge Dogs.