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Pitbull Breeding


At present we have three dogs who we offer stud breeding services. Our charges vary from $250 to $1000 depending on which dog and of course the female that is paired with the stud. All of our stud dogs have a fantastic heritage which with the right females will produce wonderful puppies that could well be capable of achieving success in shows, but more importantly, should make wonderful family pets.

FBC Breeding

Florida Bully Connect Breeding offers the best chance of securing wonderful Pitbull puppies. Most of our Pitbull puppies for sale are from our own breeding between our adult dogs. Of course if you have come this far you will know by now that all of our dogs have great bloodlines and ancestry, so choosing a Florida Bully Connect bred dog is as close as you can get to guaranteeing yourself a great dog. Our facilities and training are also second to none.

Out of house Breeding

We are able to offer out of house breeding but you will have to contact us to discuss exactly what your requirements are. We have some animals that are co owned by us and other kennels, and we are able to offer flexibility whatever you want from your pitbull puppies. Just visit our contact page and get in touch!

Contact Us for Pricing
Brandon @ (407) 406-1232
Alec @ (407) 590-7148

To send a payment for one of the available puppies you may use Paypal, USPS postal Money order, Western Union , Or Money Gram.

Contact Us for Price @ Brandon@floridabullyconnect.com