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Adult American Bullies For Sale at Florida American Bully Kennel

Although the majority of the dogs we sell are American Bully puppies, we do have some adult American bully for sale from time to time. This is something that you should of course discuss with us, so that we can supply you with exactly what you want when you are looking for an American bully for sale. Buying an adult American bully is a completely different situation to buying a puppy, but you will have the benefit of buying a dog that has already been trained by us. You can decide between Male and female adult American bullies and we can discuss what would be the best situation for our dog and our potential owners.


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To send a payment for one of the available puppies you may use Bank Wire, PayPal, USPS postal Money order, Western Union , Or Money Gram.

Contact Us for Price: Alec@floridabullyconnect.com