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Here at Florida Bully Connect our mission is to produce the best American Bullies both in terms of temperament and pedigree. Our professionally run American Bully kennels in Florida are second to none and the quality of our kennel falls in line with our belief that these wonderful creatures need to be nurtured and cared for in order for us to be able to offer the very best American Bully Puppies for sale. We pride ourselves on maintaining our strong reputation as one of the top kennels to have American Bullies for sale.



Everyone at Florida Bully Connect has a passion for the dogs we have here, and our ethos is to nurture and develop the best dogs from the best bloodlines, such as Razors Edge and Gottiline American Bullies. If you’re looking for an American Bully puppies for sale then there can be no better producer than Florida Bully Connect. It is our aim to always have available both american bully male puppies for sale as well as american bully female puppies for sale.

Throughout this site you will be able to browse through the photo’s and details of the pedigree of our american bullies for sale, and you will find detailed information such as weight, height, head size and their date of birth. On each American Bullies profile you will see the parents of the dog, but a click on the pedigree button will show the full pedigree line going back several generations.

We like to think that we go the extra mile when we prepare our american bullies for sale, and the key to our success so far has been our dedication to producing outstanding dogs. We believe in giving a healthy balanced diet, and we also utilize our skills with our American Bully puppies to provide them with the right amount of exercise, discipline and affection from an early age.

Breeding and rearing american bully puppies is a tough job but thanks to our expertise in this area we believe that when you buy from us you will receive exactly the american bully puppy you were hoping for. We can also give you a great deal of advice going forward, with some american bully training tips, american bully feeding tips, and we can let you know exactly what bully food you should be supplying to your animal. In terms of training, we can offer all the advice you need about weight pulling techniques for you new american bully.




Our 2013 breeding schedule is in place so fortunately that means we will have a number of american bully puppies available. One of our bitches Thumper will be delivering a litter american bully puppies in the next few days. Undoubtedly these will not be available for too long, and if you are interested you should head straight to our contact page and get in touch to find out more about the new arrivals!




All of our American Bullies for sale are very well looked after prior to being released. All of the American Bullies for sale will have had up to date vaccinations when you come to purchase. We are also able to send your new puppy to you, via Continental Airlines. The cost of this is $250.00 for puppies although it may be more if you are looking to purchase an adult. All of our American Bully puppies for sale are checked by a veterinarian and come complete with a health certificate. We are proud of our dogs and feel sure that you will be fully satisfied with any purchase you make from us.


We are very proud to be able to offer for sale a selection of Razor Edge American Bully bred puppies. This fantastic and famous bloodline has produced many championship american bullies over the years and we feel sure that there is more to come from this bloodline in the coming years. If you are looking for some of the best American Bully puppies for sale, perhaps you should give some consideration to a Razor Edge bloodline animal. Two of our ABKC Champion American Bully females are from the Razors Edge Bloodline.



We have a fabulous selection of American Bully puppies for sale and in terms of colors we constantly have blue, blue brindle, brown brindle, blue tri, champagne tri, dark blue and fawn available. These dogs have all been bred from excellent bloodlines, and we strongly believe that all of our American Bully male puppies for sale will make both excellent companions and show dogs.

Our American Bully Female puppies for sale are also all from excellent bloodlines. We have several to choose from at the moment, and thanks to our commitment to producing well rounded dogs we are confident that any of our American Bully puppies for sale will make great pets. We would be delighted to help with any enquiries whatsoever and all of our contact details can be found on the contacts page.


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